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Sponsorship Registration


As a sponsor, you can choose event-wide sponsorships, entry award sponsorships, or both. The information regarding the sponsorship levels is here, below this introduction.

Once you choose your Sponsorship Preference, the options specific to what you choose will be presented.

Event Sponsorship Levels
Unleaded ($175-$299)
Regular ($300-$499)
Premium ($500-$999)
Nitro ($1000 and above)

Award Sponsorship Levels
Vehicle Class Awards ($125)
People's Choice Awards ($100)

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Preference
Event Sponsorship
You may choose more than one Event-level sponsorship.
Award Sponsorship
You may select more than one Award-level sponsorship.

Sponsorship Amounts

Nitro sponsorships are $1000 and up.
Premium sponsorships are $500 to $999.
Regular sponsorships are $300 to $499.
Unleaded sponsorships are $175 to $299.
People's Choice sponsorships are $100.
Vehicle Class sponsorships are $125.

Total amount of your sponsorship.
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